Displaying VLAN Information

To display general VLAN settings and information, use the following commands:

  • show vlan {virtual-router vr-name}
  • show vlan vlan_name {ipv4 | ipv6}
  • show vlan [tag tag | detail] {ipv4 | ipv6}
  • show vlan description
  • show vlan {vlan_name | vlan_list} statistics {no-refresh | refresh }


    To display IPv6 information, you must use either the show vlan detail command or show vlan command with the name of the specified VLAN.

To display the VLAN information for other ExtremeXOS software features, use the following commands:

  • show {vlan} vlan_name dhcp-address-allocation
  • show {vlan} vlan_name dhcp-config
  • show {vlan} vlan_name eaps
  • show {vlan} vlan_name security
  • show {vlan} {vlan_name | vlan_list} stpd

You can display additional useful information on VLANs configured with IPv6 addresses by issuing the command:

show ipconfig ipv6 vlan vlan_name

To isplay protocol information, issue the command:

show protocol {name}