VRRP Groups Configuration Example



This configuration example assumes that VRs are already created and configured with regular VRRP parameters, but not yet enabled (enable vrrp {vlan [vlan_name | vlan_list] vrid [vridval | vrid_list} command is not yet executed). If VRs are already enabled, disable all the VRs (disable vrrp {vlan [vlan_name | vlan_list] vrid [vridval | vrid_list]}).
  1. Create VRRP group “groupA”:
    create vrrp group “groupA”
  2. Add primary VR before adding any secondary VRs to the group:
    configure vrrp group “groupA” add primary-vr vlan “vlan1” vrid 1
  3. Add secondary VRs one at a time:
    configure vrrp group “groupA” add secondary-vr vlan “vlan2” vrid 2
    configure vrrp group “groupA” add secondary-vr vlan “vlan3” vrid 3
    configure vrrp group “groupA” add secondary-vr vlan “vlan4” vrid 4
    configure vrrp group “groupA” add secondary-vr vlan “vlan5” vrid 5

    Or alternatively, VLAN tag range and VRID range can be specified. In this case, vlan1 has vlan-id 101, vlan2 has vlan-id 102, etc.:

    configure vrrp group “groupA” add secondary-vr vlan 102-105 vrid 2-5
  4. Configure fabric routing on all the member VRs in the given group:
    configure vrrp group "groupA" fabric-routing on
  5. Apply group configuration on member VRs. Before enabling the group, member VRs are operating in individual VR mode:
    enable vrrp group groupA
  6. Enable all VRs using the global command, if there is only one group:
    enable vrrp
    or enable only member VRs of this group:
    enable vrrp group groupA members

After configuring VRRP groups, the following appears for the below show commands:

# show vrrp group
                  Group Name    Priority     State Count    TP/TR/TV/P/T   /FR
                  groupA(En)       100       MSTR  6         0  0  0 Y 1     Y

  En-Enabled, Ds-Disabled, Pri-Priority, T-Advert Timer, P-Preempt
  TP-Tracked Pings, TR-Tracked Routes, TV-Tracked VLANs, FR-Fabric Routing,
  MX-Mixed values

# show vrrp vlan1
VLAN:  vlan1    VRID:  1        VRRP:  Enabled  State:  MASTER
Virtual Router:  VR-Default
Priority:  100(backup)  Advertisement Interval:  1 sec
Version: v3-v2  Preempt:  Yes   Preempt Delay: 0 sec
 Virtual IP Addresses:
 Accept mode:  Off            Group : groupA (Enabled)
 Host-Mobility:  Off
 Host-Mobility Exclude-Ports:
 Checksum:  Include pseudo-header
 Tracking mode:  ALL
 Tracked Pings:  -
 Tracked IP Routes:  -
 Tracked VLANs:  -
 Fabric Routing: On

  * indicates a tracking condition has failed