Mandatory TLVs

Mandatory TLVs are those TLVs that must be advertised (as defined in IEEE standard 802.1ab) when LLDP is enabled.

If you enable LLDP on a port, the mandatory TLVs are advertised and there is no command to disable this advertising.

Table 1. Mandatory TLVs
Name Comments
Chassis ID The ExtremeXOS software advertises the system‘s MAC address in this TLV to uniquely identify the device.
Note: EDP also uses the MAC address to identify the device.
Port ID The ExtremeXOS software advertises the port ID in this TLV to uniquely identify the port that sends the TLVs. This port ID is the ifName object in the MIB.
Time to live (TTL) This TLV indicates how long the record should be maintained in the LLDP database. The default value is 120 seconds (or 2 minutes). When a port is shutting down or LLDP is disabled on a port, this TLV is set to value 0, which indicates that the record for this port should be deleted from the database on other devices.

Although you cannot directly configure the TTL TLV, you can configure the transmit hold value, which is used to calculate the TTL TLV. (See Configuring LLDP Timers for more information.)

End-of-LLDP PDU The end-of-LLDPDU (LLDP protocol data unit) TLV marks the end of the data in each LLDP packet.