Daisy Chain

If you issue the show stacking command and see that the stack topology is a daisy chain, we strongly recommend that you reconfigure the stack to use a ring topology.

Here is a sample CLI output from show stacking showing that the stack is in a daisy chain.
 # show stacking
Stack Topology is a Daisy-Chain
This node is not in an Active Topology
Node MAC Address     Slot  Stack State  Role     Flags
------------------   ----  -----------  -------   ---
*00:04:96:7d:fc:9a    -    Disabled      Master   ---

To solve a daisy-chain problem, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that each stack node meets the following conditions:
    • All nodes must have ExtremeXOS running on the same partition.
    • All nodes must be running the same ExtremeXOS version.
    • All nodes must have the same license level.
  2. Wait for all stack nodes to finish booting and get through AAA login.
  3. Enter show stacking to verify that all stack nodes are connected in a ring topology.
  4. Check that the stacking port LEDs show as active on all nodes.
  5. Reconnect the stacking cables.