Using Power Supplies

On ExtremeSwitching switches, ExtremeXOS reports when the PSU has power or has failed.

The ExtremeSwitching switches support an internal power supply with a range of 90V to 240V AC power as well as an external redundant power supply. The Extreme Networks External Power System (EPS) allows you to add a redundant power supply to the ExtremeSwitching switches to protect against a power supply failure. The EPS consists of a tray or module that holds the EPS power supplies.



When an EPS-T tray with two EPS-160 PSUs is connected to a ExtremeSwitching switch, the internal power supply will show as failed.

On non-PoE ExtremeSwitching switches, if you experience an internal PSU failure and do not have an external PSU installed, the switch powers down. If you experience a PSU failure and have an external PSU installed, the switch uses the external PSU to maintain power to the switch.

On PoE ExtremeSwitching switches, there are specific power budget requirements and configurations associated with PoE that are not described in this section. The PoE ExtremeSwitching switches respond to internal and external PSU failures based on your PoE configurations. For more information about configuring PoE on the ExtremeSwitching PoE switches, see PoE.

For more information about ExtremeSwitching switches and EPS, see the hardware documentation listed in Related Publications.