Performing a Rolling Upgrade

To begin a Rolling Upgrade, all nodes in the stack must have the same selected software version.

Complete these steps to perform a Rolling Upgrade.



Performing a Rolling Upgrade does not change the current method of installing software, only how the stack is rebooted.
  1. Download the software image using the download command.
  2. Install the image (if not already completed in the previous step) using the install command.
  3. Reboot the stack using the reboot command, specifying the reboot rolling option.

A failover is performed to complete the upgrade.

If a Rolling Upgrade fails, the nodes in the stack will likely be in different stages of the rolling upgrade process. Any nodes that have started the reboot process will be running the newer software version. Nodes that did not begin rebooting will still be running the older software. The stack should not be left in this condition for an extended period of time.

Possible remedies include: