Port and Protocol VLAN ID TLV

When configured for advertisement, this TLV advertises whether the specified VLANs on the specified ports support protocol-based VLANs or not.

If you do not specify a VLAN when you configure this TLV, the switch advertises protocol-based VLAN support for all VLAN names on the specified ports. You can choose to advertise support for one or more VLANs for the specified ports by specifying the name of a VLAN in the configuration command. You can repeat the configuration command to specify multiple VLANs.

Because all VLANs on Extreme Networks switches support protocol-based VLANs, the switch always advertises support for protocol-based VLANs for all VLANs for which this TLV is advertised. If no protocol-based VLANs are configured on the port, the switch sets the VLAN ID value to 0.

To control advertisement of the port and protocol VLAN ID TLV, use the following command:

configure lldp ports [all | port_list] [advertise | no-advertise] vendor-specific dot1 port-protocol-vlan-ID {vlan [all | vlan_name]}



Because a TLV is advertised for every VLAN that is advertised, and because the LLDPDU cannot exceed 1500 bytes, we recommend that you advertise this VLAN capability only for those VLANs that require it. Optional TLVs that cause the LLDPDU length to exceed the 1500-byte limit are dropped.