This MIB defines the following Extreme-specific SNMPv1 traps generated by Extreme Networks devices.

Trap Comments


The on-board temperature sensor has reported an overheat condition. The system shuts down until the unit has sufficiently cooled such that operation can begin again. A cold start trap is issued when the unit has come back on line.


One or more of the cooling fans inside the device has failed. A fanOK trap will be sent once the fan has attained normal operation.


A fan has transitioned out of a failure state and is now operating correctly.


A user attempted to log into the console or by telnet but was refused access due to an incorrect username or password.


One or more previously bad sources of power to this agent has come back to life without causing an agent restart.


One or more sources of power to this agent has failed. Presumably a redundant power-supply has taken over.


This node discovers a new neighbor through EDP.


No EDP updates are received from this neighbor within the configured timeout period and this neighbor entry is aged out by the device.


Signifies that the value of the extremeSlotModuleState for the specified extremeSlotNumber has changed. Traps are reported only for significant states.