Inserting Additional Bridge Port Extenders on Cascades

You can add additional bridge port extenders (BPEs) to existing Extended Edge Switching cascade topologies. You can add additional BPEs anywhere in the cascade. You can use either partial automation or manual configuration to add the additional BPE.

To add a BPE using manual configuration:

  1. Choose the location of the BPE in the cascade:
    • Not at the bottom: Unconfigure all BPEs below the intended location for the new BPE in the cascade starting from the bottom, and then moving up, using the procedure in Removing Bridge Port Extenders from Slot Assignments.
    • Bottom: Complete step 2, and then you are done.

  2. Attach the BPE, and configure it using the procedure in Manually Configuring Bridge Port Extenders starting with step 3.
  3. Re-configure all of the BPEs below the new BPE starting from the top, and then moving down, using the same procedure as in step 2.

To add a BPE using partial automation, connect the BPE in the desired location, and then reboot the controlling (CB).