MLD Snooping Filters

MLD snooping filters allow you to configure a policy file on a port to allow or deny MLD report and leave packets coming into the port.

(For details on creating policy files, see Policy Manager.) The MLD snooping filter feature is supported by MLDv1 and MLDv2.



Do not confuse MLD snooping filters with MLD snooping hardware filters explained in previous section. MLD snooping filters are software filters, and the action is applied at software level by the ExtremeXOS multicast manager.

For the policies used as MLD snooping filters, all the entries should be IPv6 address type entries, and the IPv6 address of each entry must not be in the range of FF02::/96.

Use the following template to create a snooping filter policy file that denies MLD report and leave packets for the FF03::1/128 and FF05::1/112 multicast groups:

# Add your group addresses between "Start" and "end"
# Do not touch the rest of the file!!!!
entry mldFilter {
if match any {
#------------------ Start of group addresses ------------------
nlri FF03::1/128;
nlri FF05::1/112;
#------------------- end of group addresses -------------------
} then {
entry catch_all {
if {
} then {

After you create a policy file, use the following command to associate the policy file and filter to a set of ports:

configure mld snooping vlan vlan_name ports port_list filter [policy]

To remove the filter, use the none option.

To display the MLD snooping filters, use the following command:

show mld snooping {vlan} name filter