Sample Profile with QoS Support

The example below can be used with an ExtremeSwitching series switch that supports QoS profiles qp1 and qp8.

When the user or phone logs in with a particular MAC address, the script configures the QoS profile configured by the user in the RADIUS server for the USER-AUTHENTICATED event. In this example, the user sets the QoS profile to be qp8.

You must configure network login, the RADIUS server, and Universal Port on the switch as part of the user log-in authentication process. For more information on configuring the RADIUS users file, see Security.

The following example is an entry in the RADIUS users file for the MAC address of the phone:

00040D9D12A9 Auth-Type := local, User-Password == "test"
Extreme-security-profile = "p1 QOS=\"QP8\";LOGOFF-PROFILE=p2;VLAN=\"voice-        test\";"

Below is the Universal Port profile configuration for this example:

Create upm profile p1
set var z1 $uppercase($EVENT.USER_MAC)
set var z2 $uppercase(00:04:0d:9d:12:a9)
#show var z1
#show var z2
if ($match($EVENT.NAME, USER-AUTHENTICATED) == 0) then
	if ($match($z1, $z2) == 0) then
		configure port $EVENT.USER_PORT qosprofile $QOS