Upgrading the Software on all Active Nodes

You can centrally upgrade the software on all active nodes in a stack. To upgrade all nodes in the stack, all nodes must be running an ExtremeXOS release that supports stacking (ExtremeXOS release 12.0 or later).


You cannot automatically update a switch running ExtremeXOS 30.2 or earlier to ExtremeXOS 30.3 or later due to a file system compatibility issue. If you are inserting a switch that has ExtremeXOS 30.2 or earlier, prior to inserting the switch into the stack topology, you need to manually upgrade the switch with the following procedure.

Hitless upgrade is not supported in a stack, except during a Stack Rolling Software Upgrade.

  1. To download and install a new image, the active partitions (primary or secondary) of all non-master nodes must match the active partition of the master node.
    1. To determine the active partition selected on all nodes and the ExtremeXOS versions installed in each partition, use the show slot {slot {detail} | detail } command with the detail option. If the node being upgraded is running on the primary partition, then the new image is downloaded and installed on the secondary partition.
    2. If the active partition is different on some nodes, the action you take depends on what is stored in both partitions:
      If both primary and secondary partitions have the same ExtremeXOS release, you may use the following commands to cause a node to use the same active image as the rest of the stack:

      use image {primary | secondary} slot slot-number reboot slot slot-number

  2. Download a new ExtremeXOS software release and install it on all nodes on the active topology using the command: download [url url {vr vrname} | image [active | inactive] [[hostname | ipaddress] filename {{vr} vrname} {block-size block_size}] {partition} {install {reboot}}
  3. Restart all nodes in the new release using reboot {[time mon day year hour min sec] | cancel} {slot slot-number} | node-address node-address | stack-topology {as-standby} | all} | rolling}