Removing Bridge Port Extender from a Cascade Example

The following example shows how to remove a bridge port extender (BPE) from a cascade.

This example removes the BPE at slot 101 in a four-tier cascade and connects the BPE at slot 100 to the BPE at slot 102 (see Removing BPE from Cascade).

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Removing BPE from Cascade
  1. Unconfigure the bottom BPE:
    # unconfigure vpex port 102:51 slot
  2. Unconfigure the next BPE from the bottom:
    # unconfigure vpex port 101:51 slot
  3. Unconfigure the BPE being removed:
    # unconfigure vpex port 100:51 slot
  4. Disconnect BPE 101, and connect BPE 100 to BPE 102.
  5. Re-configure the BPE at slot 100:
    # configure vpex port 100:51 slot 102
  6. Re-configure the BPE at slot 102:
    # configure vpex port 102:51 slot 103
  7. Remove the slot assignment (101) from the removed BPE:
    # unconfigure slot 101