Configuring the Port Mode

To support network login MAC-based VLANs on a network login port, you must configure that port‘s mode of operation.

Specify MAC-based operation using the following command and specifying mac-based-vlans:

configure netlogin ports [all | port_list] mode [mac-based-vlans | port-based-vlans]

By default, the network login port‘s mode of operation is port-based-vlans. If you modify the mode of operation to mac-based-vlans and later disable all network login protocols on that port, the mode of operation automatically returns to port-based-vlans.

When you change the network login port‘s mode of operation, the switch deletes all currently known supplicants from the port and restores all VLANs associated with that port to their original state. In addition, by selecting mac-based-vlans, you are unable to manually add or delete untagged VLANs from this port. Network login now controls these VLANs.

With network login MAC-based operation, every authenticated client has an additional FDB flag that indicates a translation MAC address. If the supplicant‘s requested VLAN does not exist on the port, the switch adds the requested VLAN.