Adjusting Bootup Time

There are two menu timeout periods that you can adjust to impact the bootup time for X465, X590, and X695 series switches:

Changing the BIOS Autoboot Timeout

To change the BIOS autoboot timeout period:
  1. Connect to the switch console.
  2. Reboot the switch.
  3. When the first BIOS boot messages (“Version”, “BIOS Date” etc.) appear, press the DEL key several times. This stops the bootup process and displays the BIOS menus.
  4. Use the left/right arrow keys to select the Boot tab.
  5. Change the Setup Prompt Timeout as desired. To reduce the bootup time as much as possible, change the value to 1. This is the smallest possible value.
  6. Press F4, and then ENTER to save the changes.

Changing the Boot Menu Timeout

To change the boot menu timeout, use the command configure switch boot-menu delay [default | seconds].

To view the current setting for boot menu timeout, use the command show switch boot-menu.