Keyword Substitution

To make the SNMP trap, syslog, and CLI actions more flexible, keyword substitutions are supported in the syslog and SNMP trap message strings, as well as in the CLI command strings.

Keyword Substitutions lists the keywords and their substitutions.

If a keyword is not supported, or a counter name is not found, a string of "unknownKeyword[$keyword]" will be substituted.

For the $vlanName and $port keyword, the keyword all will be substituted for those rules in the wildcard ACL Some CLI commands do not support the all keyword, so caution must be used with CLI commands that use this feature.

A maximum of ten different counter substitutions can be used per rule, including counters used in expressions. For example, if a rule uses four counters in its expressions, then we can use six more different counters in keyword substitutions, for a total of ten.

Table 1. Keyword Substitutions
Keyword Substitution
$policyName Replace with the policy name.
$ruleName Replace with the CLEAR-Flow rule name.
$<counterName> Replace with counter value for the indicated counter name.
$ruleValue Replace with the current expression value.
$ruleThreshold Replace with the expression threshold value.
$ruleInterval Replace with the rule sampling/evaluation interval.
$vlanName Replace with the interface VLAN name.
$port Replace with the interface port number.