Upgrading the Software on a Single Node

To upgrade the software on a single active node:
  1. Enter the following commands to download an image to a node:

    download image [[hostname | ipaddress] filename {{vr} vrname} {block-size block_size}] {partition} {install {reboot}}

    use image {partition} [primary | secondary] slot slotid

    reboot slot slot number

    The slot number is the one in use by the active node that is to be upgraded. Be sure that you keep the same image versions on all the other nodes as you have on the master node.

    Alternatively, if your master node has the same image versions in its partitions that you want installed in the node to be upgraded, you can use the command synchronize {slot slotid} to upgrade both images and select the desired image.

  2. You can upgrade the image on an active node even if the node shows as Failed when using the show slot command.