PTP Clock Recovery State

To configure the PTP clock recovery state (servo state) in the system, use the following command:
show network-clock ptp

The clock recovery using PTP event messages undergoes the following servo state changes:

  • Warmup: The local reference clock is in warmup state. This state signifies that either clock recovery is not configured to use the PTP event messages or no clock recovery messages from the master have been received.

  • FastLoop: The local reference clock is being corrected and the correction is converging.

  • Bridge: The local reference clock correction has been interrupted due to changes in the clocking information in the received PTP event messages or loss of PTP event messages.

  • Holdover: Prolonged loss of PTP event messages puts the local reference clock correction to the holdover state.

  • Normal: The local reference clock correction has converged and the corrected clock is synchronous to the master clock information received in the PTP event messages.