Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) for OSPFv3

ExtremeXOS supports multiple Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRFs) in the same virtual router. Each VRF can have a separate instance of a routing protocol with its own routing table. OSPFv3 can run in a Non-VPN VRF and support multiple instances of the protocol in different VRFs at the same time. This allows more scalable deployments of OSPFv3 as ExtremeXOS can have more VRFs than VRs, and OSPFv3 VRF instances belonging to the same VR run in a single ExtremeXOS process. Each VR still has its own process, so different VRs have very low impact on one another.


  • Only non-VPN VRFs are supported. OSPFv3 is blocked on VPN VRFs.
  • BGP does not support VPN-IPv6 routes, so PE-CE support is not available.