Cloning Standalone to Standalone

There are two common cases where you might want to clone from one switch to another:

Scenario 1: You want to have a reference ExtremeXOS image and configuration for your network. New switches can clone from the master switch, getting an exact copy as the beginning switch configuration that you can then modify as needed.

Scenario 2: You receive a large shipment of switches and want to configure one switch the way you want it, and then replicate that for all of the new switches. is run on the clone master and the new switches can use DHCP to get a new address, and then copy from the clone master. The new switches must have an IP address and must be able to connect with the IP address of the clone master. Either a front panel port or the management port can be used. tries both VR-Mgmt and VR-Default to connect with the IP address of the clone master.

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Cloning from Standalone Switch to Another Standalone Switch
To clone from standalone to standalone:
  1. On the master switch, run the command run script master. The following appears:
    # run script master is started as cloning master
    Use "stop" option to stop cloning master services
  2. On the new switch (target), run the command run script from ipaddress. Where ipaddress is the IP address of the master switch. The following appears:
    # run script from
    +                             C A U T I O N                             +
    +      Cloning will replace the EXOS partitions and configuration       +
    +   on this switch with the contents of the master switch   +
    Do you want to continue cloning? [y/N]: y is started as cloning client.
    This switch will become a copy of
    DO NOT REMOVE POWER or REBOOT the switch until the operation is COMPLETE
    * (pacman debug) X460G2-48t-10G4.3 # Starting cloning process
    Starting cloning process
    Transfering EXOS partitions and configuration
    Transferring active EXOS partition...............
    Updating active partition
    Transferring inactive EXOS partition........................
    Transferring /usr/local/cfg directory..........
    Transfering NVRAM information from master switch
    Transfering control information from master switch
    Rebooting to master switch configuration
    You may need to adjust any IP addresses that may have been copied from the master switch
    *   Cloning COMPLETE   *
    Rebooting ...