Displaying MPLS Basic Configuration Information

To display basic MPLS configuration information, use the following command:
show mpls

This command displays the general configuration of all the MPLS components and system wide configuration.


The output, shown below, displays the switch MPLS, RSVP-TE, and LDP configuration status. It also shows the configuration status of SNMP trap, EXP examination, and EXP replacement settings. The configured LSR ID are also shown.

# show mpls
Virtual Router Name                    : VR-Default
MPLS Admin Status                      : Enabled
MPLS Oper Status                       : Enabled
RSVP-TE Admin Status                   : Enabled
RSVP-TE Oper Status                    : Enabled
LDP Admin Status                       : Enabled
LDP Oper Status                        : Enabled
MPLS SNMP Traps                        : Disabled
L2VPN SNMP Traps                       : Disabled
EXP Examination                        : Enabled
EXP Replacement                        : Disabled
LSR ID                                 :