VR Configuration Context

Each VR and VRF has its own configuration domain or context, in which you can enter commands to configure that VR. Some commands allow you to specify a VR to which the command applies.

For other commands, you must change context to that of the target VR or VRF before you execute the command. The current context is indicated in the command line interface (CLI) prompt by the name of the user VR or VRF. If no name appears in the prompt, the context is VR-Default.

For instructions on changing context, see Changing the VR Context.

Commands that apply to the current VR context include all the BGP, OSPF, OSPFv3, PIM, IS-IS, RIP, and RIPng commands, and the commands listed in the following table. Commands that apply to the current VRF context are limited to BGP commands and the commands listed in Virtual Router Commands.

Table 1. Virtual Router Commands
[enable | disable] ipforwarding
configure iparp
configure iparp [add | delete]
[enable | disable] iparp
show iparp
configure iproute [add | delete]
show iproute
create [vlan | vman] vlan-name
[enable | disable] igmp
[enable | disable] igmp snooping
[enable | disable] ipmcforwarding
show igmp
show igmp snooping
show igmp group
show igmp snooping cache