The following sections describe how to use the DHCP/BOOTP Relay feature:



This section discusses DHCP/BOOTP relay operation at Layer 3. For information on DHCP/BOOTP relay operation at Layer 2, see DHCP Snooping and Trusted DHCP Server.

BOOTP Relay agent of DHCPv6 relays the DHCPv6 messages between the server/client across subnets of a larger IPv6 network.

The DHCPv6 server/BOOTP relay agent listens to UDP port 547.

A relay agent relays both messages from clients and Relay-forward messages from other relay agents. When a relay agent receives a valid message, it constructs a new Relay-forward message and option from the DHCP message received, then forwards it to the next hop/server. The server responds with the corresponding IP address or configuration through a Relay-Reply message to its peer, and thus to the client.

The ExtremeXOS implementation of DHCPv6 takes reference from ISC DHCPv6.