Creating and Configuring EAPS Protected VLANs

  1. Create at least one EAPS protected VLAN, and configure its 802.1q tag and ports.
  2. Configure the protected VLAN as part of the EAPS domain.
    The Protect VLAN contains the EAPS primary and secondary ports as tagged VLAN ports. Additional VLAN ports connected to client devices such as a PC could be untagged or tagged. The following commands accomplish these tasks and should be repeated for all additional protected VLANs:
    * Edge-Switch#1:10 # create vlan purple-1
    * Edge-Switch#1:11 # configure purple-1 tag 1
    * Edge-Switch#1:12 # configure purple-1 add port 49,50 tagged
    * Edge-Switch#1:13 # configure purple-1 add port 1 untagged
    * Edge-Switch#1:14 # configure eaps e1-domain add protect vlan purple-1