Configuring RMON

RMON requires one probe per LAN segment, and stand-alone RMON probes traditionally have been expensive. Therefore, the approach taken by Extreme Networks has been to build an inexpensive RMON probe into the agent of each system. This allows RMON to be widely deployed around the network without costing more than traditional network management. The switch accurately maintains RMON statistics at the maximum line rate of all of its ports.

By default, RMON is disabled. However, even in the disabled state, the switch collects etherStats and you can configure alarms and events.

RMON saves the history, alarm, and event configurations to the configuration file. Runtime data is not stored in the configuration file and is subsequently lost after a system restart.

Enable or disable the collection of RMON statistics on the switch using the commands:
enable rmon
disable rmon
By enabling RMON, the switch begins the processes necessary for collecting switch statistics.