Viewing Stacking Port Statistics

To view the status of any stacking port, run any of the following variations:

show ports stack-ports stacking-port-list utilization {bandwidth | bytes | packets} show ports {stack-ports stacking-port-list | port_list} statistics {norefresh} show ports {port_list | stack-ports stacking-port-list} rxerrors {norefresh} show ports {stack-ports stacking-port-list | port_list} txerrors {norefresh}

The commands accept stacking port ranges that span multiple nodes. For example, both port-list and stacking-port-list might be expressed as 1:1-3:2.

There are no stacking port configuration options.

See ExtremeXOS 32.2 Command Reference Guide for details about these commands.



There is no way to disable a stacking port. Stacking ports are always enabled.