show vlan mgmt Command

The show vlan mgmt command shows the alternate management IP address as applied to the management VLAN on the local unit. This allows you to see how the configured alternate management IP address has been applied.

The show vlan mgmt command displays the following information:

Slot-1 Stack.1 # show vlan "Mgmt" 
VLAN Interface with name Mgmt created by user
    Admin State:         Enabled     Tagging:   802.1Q Tag 4095 
    Description:         Management VLAN 
    Virtual router:      VR-Mgmt
    IPv4 Forwarding:     Disabled
    IPv4 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
    IPv6 Forwarding:     Disabled
    IPv6 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
    IPv6:                None
    STPD:                None
    Protocol:            Match all unfiltered protocols
    Loopback:            Disabled
    NetLogin:            Disabled
    OpenFlow:            Disabled
    QosProfile:          None configured
    Flood Rate Limit QosProfile:       None configured
    Ports:   1.           (Number of active ports=1)
     Untag: Mgmt-port on Mgmt-1 is active

For the management VLAN, a secondary address cannot be configured and so the Secondary IP line does not appear.

The Alternate IP line shows one of the following: