Event Management System Triggers

EMS-event triggers launch a profile when the EMS produces a message that conforms to a predefined definition that is configured on the switch. The ExtremeXOS EMS feature is described in CLEAR-Flow.

Profiles that respond to EMS-event triggers are called EMS-event profiles. Typically, an EMS-event profile is used to change the switch configuration in response to a switch or network event.

The EMS events that trigger Universal Port profiles are defined in EMS filters and can be specified in more detail with additional CLI commands.

You can create EMS filters that specify events as follows:

You can use the show log components command to display all the components and subcomponents for which you can filter events. If you specify a filter to take action on a component or subcomponent, any event related to that component triggers the profile. You can use the show log events all command to display all the conditions or events for which you can filter events. If you decide that you want to configure a profile to take action on an ACL policy change, you can add a filter for the ACL.Policy.Change event.

You can further define an event that triggers a Universal Port profile by specifying an event severity level and text that must be present in an event message.

When a specified event occurs, event information is passed to the Universal Port profile in the form of variables, which can be used to modify the switch configuration.

EMS-triggered profiles allow you to configure responses for any EMS event listed in the show log components and show log events all commands. However, you must be careful to select the correct event and corresponding response for each profile. For example, if you attempt to create a Universal Port log target for a specific event (component.subcomponent.condition) and you accidentally specify a component (component), the profile is applied to all events related to that component. Using EMS-triggered profiles is similar to switch programming. They provide more control and therefore more opportunity for misconfiguration.

Unlike the device-detect and user-authenticate triggers, EMS-event triggers do not have an equivalent function to the device-undetect or user-unauthenticated triggers.

If you need the ability to unconfigure changes made in an EMS-event profile, just create another static or dynamic profile to make those changes.