Stacking Link Failure

A stacking link is said to be failed when one of the following happens:

Based on the stacking topology, the stack behavior changes.

Ring Topology
All traffic paths that were directed through the failed link are redirected. All nodes converge on the new (daisy chain) topology that results from the link break. The Topology Protocol that determines the stack topology immediately informs other nodes that a link has failed. Each node starts the process of redirecting traffic paths.
Daisy Chain
A stacking link failure means a severed stack. The Topology Protocol reports the loss of all nodes in the severed portion. Depending on master capability configuration and the original location of the backup node, the severed portion may or may not elect a new master node. If it does, the dual master condition may be in effect.

The show slot {slot {detail} | detail } command displays the slots that contain active nodes that are in the severed portion as Empty.