Enabling and Disabling VLANs

You can enable or disable individual VLANs. The default setting is that all VLANs are enabled.

Consider the following guidelines before you disable a VLAN:

  • Disabling a VLAN stops all traffic on all ports associated with the specified VLAN.

  • You cannot disable any VLAN that is running any Layer 2 protocol traffic.

    When you attempt to disable a VLAN running Layer 2 protocol traffic (for example, the VLAN Accounting), the system returns a message similar to the following:

    VLAN accounting cannot be disabled because it is actively used by an L2 Protocol
  • You can disable the default VLAN; ensure that this is necessary before disabling the default VLAN.

  • You cannot disable the management VLAN.

  • You cannot bind Layer 2 protocols to a disabled VLAN.

  • You can add ports to and delete ports from a disabled VLAN.

  1. Disable a VLAN by running:
    disable vlan vlan_name | vlan_list
  2. After you have disabled a VLAN, re-enable that VLAN.
    enable vlan vlan_name | vlan_list