Local-Only Virtual Routers

Local-only virtual routers (VR) are a form of user-created VRs (User Virtual Routers) that allow for separate logical IP lookup tables, to be used only for IP packets to or from the switch's local IP addresses. Local-only user-created VRs allow for different gateways for routes to a host or subnet, based on the local VLANs on the switch.

Local-only VRs allow bidirectional monitoring of each individual path used to reach the switch itself, where each path may traverse, for example, a different firewall. Switches that support local-only VRs do not forward IP packets in local-only VRs in software or in hardware; they instead use separate lookup tables, including static routes, for packets to or from the switch's local IP addresses.

Supported Platforms

Local-only VRs are supported on and stacks with 5320-24T/24P/16P series switches. Other ExtremeSwitching series switches support VRs in hardware, rather than support local-only VRs.

LimitationsIP forwarding is not permitted on local-only VRs, or on VLANs belonging to local-only VRs.

Local-only VRs default to having IP route compression disabled. Enabling IP route compression produces an error.