Power LED does not light:

Check that the power cable is firmly connected to the device and to the supply outlet.

On powering-up, the MGMT LED lights yellow:

The device has failed its Power On Self Test (POST) and you should contact your supplier for advice.

A link is connected, but the Status LED does not light:

Check that:
  • All connections are secure.

  • Cables are free from damage.

  • The devices at both ends of the link are powered-up.

  • Both ends of the Gigabit link are set to the same autonegotiation state.

    The Gigabit link must be enabled or disabled on both sides. If the two sides are different, typically the side with autonegotiation disabled will have the link LED lit, and the side with autonegotiation enabled will not be lit. The default configuration for a Gigabit port is autonegotiation enabled. Verify by entering the following command:

    show ports configuration

Predictive Failure LED on the AC power supply blinks amber:

Check the current status of the power supply. If the speed of both fans is above 2000 RPM, the AC power supply unit (PSU) is operating normally and no failure is imminent. To check and view the health of the installed PSU, use the following command:

show power {ps_num} {detail}

Switch does not power up:

All products manufactured by Extreme Networks use digital power supplies with surge protection. In the event of a power surge, the protection circuits shut down the power supply.

To reset the power, unplug the switch for 1 minute, plug it back in, and attempt to power-up the switch. If this does not work, try using a different power source (different power strip/outlet) and power cord.