CLI Scripting Examples

The following script creates 100 VLANS with IP Addresses from to

enable cli scripting
Set var count 1
while ($count < 101) do
Create vlan v$count
configure vlan v$count ipaddress 10.$(count).1.1/16
set var count ($count + 1)
show vlan

The following script introduces a 60-second delay when executed:

set var temp $TCL(after [expr 60 *1000])

The following script displays the date and time:

set var CLI.OUT " "
show switch
set var date $TCL(lrange ${CLI.OUT} 27 29)
set var year $TCL(lrange ${CLI.OUT} 31 31)
set var date $TCL(linsert $date 3 $year)
set var time $TCL(lrange ${CLI.OUT} 30 30)
show var date
show var time

The following script sorts the FDB table in descending order:

set var CLI.OUT " "
show fdb
set var x1 $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} "\n")
set var x2 $TCL(lsort -decreasing $x1)
set var output $TCL(join $x2 "\n")
show var output

The following script extracts the MAC address given the age of an FDB entry:

set var CLI.OUT " "
show fdb
set var input $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} "\n")
set var y1 $TCL(lsearch -glob $input *age*)
set var y2 $TCL(lindex $input $y1)
set var y3 $TCL(split $y2 " ")
set var y4 $TCL(lindex $y3 0)
show var y4