Unconfiguring an EAPS Ring Port

Unconfiguring an EAPS port sets its internal configuration state to INVALID, which causes the port to appear in the Idle state with a port status of Unknown. This occurs when you use the show eaps {eapsDomain} {detail} command to display the status information about the port.

We recommend that you keep the loop protection warning messages enabled. If you have considerable knowledge and experience with EAPS, you might find the EAPS loop protection warning messages unnecessary.

  1. To unconfigure an EAPS primary or secondary ring port for an EAPS domain, use the following command:
    unconfigure eaps eapsDomain [primary | secondary] port

    To prevent loops in the network, the switch displays by default a warning message and prompts you to unconfigure the specified EAPS primary or secondary ring port.

  2. When prompted, do one of the following:
    1. Enter y to unconfigure the specified port.
    2. Enter n or press [Return] to cancel this action.
      The following command example unconfigures this node‘s EAPS primary ring port on the domain “eaps_1”:
      unconfigure eaps eaps_1 primary port
      WARNING: Unconfiguring the Primary port from the EAPS domain could cause a loop in The network! Are you sure you want to unconfigure the Primary EAPS Port? (y/n)
  3. Enter y to continue and unconfigure the EAPS primary ring port. Enter n to cancel this action.
    The switch displays a similar warning message if you unconfigure the secondary EAPS port.

For more information see, Disabling EAPS Loop Protection Warning Messages.