The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
MIB Objects etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerMIBObjects This object indicates whether or not RADIUS Dynamic Authorization is enabled or disabled. This parameter value MUST be maintained across system reboots.
etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientTable The (conceptual) table listing the RADIUS Accounting servers.

An entry (conceptual row) representing a RADIUS dynamic authorization server with which the server shares a secret. If RADIUS dynamic authorization is not enabled, this table is ignored.

All created conceptual rows are non-volatile and as such MUST be maintained upon restart of the agent.


A number uniquely identifying each conceptual row in the etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientTable.

In the event of an agent restart, the same value of etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientIndex MUST be used to identify each conceptual row in etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientTable as was used prior to the restart.

etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientAddressType The type of Internet address by which the RADIUS Dynamic Authorization Client is reachable.

The Internet address for the RADIUS Dynamic Authorization Client. Note that implementations MUST limit themselves to a single entry in this table per reachable server.

The etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientAddress may not be empty due to the SIZE restriction. Also the size of a DNS name is limited to 64 characters.

This parameter value is maintained across system reboots.

etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientSecret This object is the secret shared between the RADIUS Dynamic Authorization client and RADIUS server. This parameter value is maintained across system reboots. While the 'official' MAX-ACCESS for this object is read-create, all implementations MUST return an empty string on a read.

true(1) - Indicates that etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientSecret was last set with some value other than the empty string.

false(2) - Indicates that etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientSecret has never been set, or was last set to the empty string.


Lets users create and delete RADIUS Dynamic Authorization client entries on systems that support this capability.

  1. When creating a RADIUS Dynamic Authorization Client, it is up to the management station to determine a suitable etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientIndex. To facilitate interoperability, agents SHOULD not put any restrictions on the etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientIndex beyond the obvious ones that it be valid and unused.
  2. Before a new row can become 'active', values must be supplied for the columnar objects etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientAddress, etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientSecret, etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientAddress, and etsysRadiusDynAuthorClientServerClientVirtualRouterName.
  3. The value of etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientStatus must be set to 'notInService' in order to modify a writable object in the same conceptual row.
  4. etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClient entries whose status is 'notReady' or 'notInService' will not be used for Dynamic Authorization.
etsysRadiusDynAuthorClientServerClientAddressType This object specifies how etsysRadiusDynAuthorServerClientAddressType is encoded. Support for all possible enumerations defined by InetAddressType is NOT REQUIRED.
etsysRadiusDynAuthorClientServerClientAddress The encoded unicast IP address of a local system interface. RADIUS Dynamic Authorization responses will be sent from this address.

The name of the local system virtual router that traffic sent to this RADIUS Dynamic Authorization server should be associated with.

Writing this object with a zero length string clears the virtual router name for this server.