Traffic Flows

In the steady state when all the ports are enabled, the MLAG blocking rule prevents traffic coming from the ISC port to be forwarded to its MLAG ports. So, in steady state, any unknown (unknown unicast/broadcast/multicast) traffic from Switch-1 to Switch-2 over ISC-1 will not be flooded to “blue” and “orange” MLAG ports on switch-2. However, since the “green” MLAG port on switch-2 does not correspond to ISC-1, the traffic from ISC-1 will be forwarded to “green” MLAG port as shown in the following illustration:
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Traffic Flow
In steady state, the unknown traffic from Switch-3 to Switch-2 over ISC-2, will be blocked to “green” MLAG ports. However, this traffic will be sent to “blue” and “orange” MLAG ports.
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Traffic Flow (Unknown Traffic Switch-3 to Switch-2)