Configuring Proactive Tech Support

The examination and reporting of switch status is implemented as a loadable application, called techSupport.xmod. You can dynamcally upgrade the XMOD applications without restarting the switch by issuing download image ip_address app.xmod, run update, and then restart process techSupport commands.

Safe Default Startup

By default proactive tech support services are disabled. You can opt-out of this service either by answering “Yes”, “Y”, or pressing the ENTER key to answer the question that is posed when accessing the switch for the first time. You can also use the disable tech-support collector command. Here is the system output prompt for the tech support feature:

The switch will proactively attempt to send basic configuration and operational switch information for the purpose of assisting Extreme Networks resolve customer reported issues. Uploaded data is encrypted if the ssh.xmod is installed. Otherwise, a reduced switch data set is sent in clear text that contains no customer specific information.

Would you like to disable the automatic switch reporting service? [Y/n]: