Cloning Switches

ExtremeXOS switches provide a script called that allows you to clone one switch's setup to another switch in the following scenarios:
The script copies the following:


  • Requires ExtremeXOS 30.3 or later.
  • Cloning to a standalone switch using a stacking master as the source does not make the standalone switch a stacking master. The configuration cloned from a stacking master to the standalone switch is ignored by ExtremeXOS.
  • ONIE to non-ONIE or non-ONIE to ONIE cloning cannot be performed.

    Most of the newer ExtremeSwitching series switches (X465, X695 , X590) use the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) bootloader. All other ExtremeSwitching series switches do not use ONIE.

  • Clone application does not connect through VR-USER.
  • Synchronize cannot be done for mixed stacking. All nodes in the stack must be the same platform.
  • If the clone master is started and stopped, the dirty bit is set.

Supported Platforms

Cloning is supported on all switches.