Adding VLANs at a Later Time

To specify the destination VLAN after you created the local network login account, use the following command:

configure netlogin local-user user-name {vlan-vsa [[{tagged | untagged} [vlan_name | vlan_tag]] | none]}

Where the following is true:

  • tagged—Specifies that the client be added as tagged
  • untagged—Specifies that the client be added as untagged
  • vlan_name—Specifies the name of the destination VLAN
  • vlan_tag—Specifies the VLAN ID, tag, of the destination VLAN
  • none—Specifies that the VSA 211 wildcard (*) is applied, only if you do not specify tagged or untagged


The following example:
configure netlogin local-user megtest vlan-vsa tagged "blue"