Viewing Fan Information

You can view detailed information about the fans installed in your switch. Depending on your switch model, different information may be displayed.

For ExtremeSwitching X435 series switches, only the X435-24P-4S switches have a fan (internal).

View detailed information about the health of the fans with the command: show fans

The switch collects and displays the following fan information:

  • State—The current state of the fan. Options are:
    • Empty: There is no fan installed.
    • Failed: The fan failed.
    • Operational: The fan is installed and working normally.
  • NumFan—The number of fans in the fan tray.
  • Fan Name, displayed as Fan-1, Fan-2, and so on—Specifies the individual state for each fan in a fan tray and its current speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).


    For the ExtremeSwitching X435-24P-4S switches, you cannot view the fan speed.