The ExtremeCFM MIB provides information about the Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) Group. This is an extension to IEEE8021- CFM-MIB.

The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
extremeCfmGroup ExtremeCfmGroupOperStatus This is a textual convention which, indicates the operational status of a group associated with a MEP on a port of an association in a given domain.
extremeCfmGroupNextIndexTable This object contains an unused value for extremeCfmGroupIndex in the extremeCfmGroupTable, or a zero to indicate that none exists.

The conceptual row of extremeCfmGroupNextIndexTable.

Not accessible.


Value used as the index of the Group table entries, for this Maintenance association End Point Identifier when the management entity wants to create a new row in that table.

Read only.

extremeCfmGroupTable Includes configuration objects and operations for the Group function, mainly used by the registered clients like ERPS, EAPS to know link detection failure through CFM. Each row in the table represents a Group for the defined MEP.

This is a complex index with four indices to access any row in extremeCfmGroupTable. The first three are Maintenance Domain, MaNet, and MEP indices. The fourth index is the specific Group on the selected MEP.

Not accessible.

extremeCfmGroupName The name of a CFM group. Group name must be alpha-numeric.
extremeCfmGroupStatus Whether the group is operational or not. Ready only.

Interface index of the interface, either a bridge port, or an aggregated IEEE 802.1 link within a bridge port, to which the MEP and hence the group is attached.

Upon a restart of the system, the system, if necessary, changes the value of this variable so that it indexes the entry in the interface table with the same value of ifAlias that it indexed before the system restart. If no such entry exists, then the system sets this variable to 0.

Read only.

extremeCfmGroupRemoteMEPs Lists the Remote MEPs associated with a group. Not all Remote MEPs of an MA may be associated with a group. Ready only.
extremeCfmGroupClients Lists all the registered clients with a group. The clients are informed with link failure or recovery through group status notifications. Ready only.
extremeCfmGroupRowStatus The status of the row. All columns must have a valid value before a row can be activated.
extremeCfmGroupMepDbTable Maintains information about other MEPs in that group.

Complex index including Maintenance Domain, MaNet, MEP and Group indices along with RMEP ID to identify a row in this table.

Not accessible.


Maintenance association End Point Identifier of a remote MEP whose information from the group MEP database is to be returned.

Not accessible.

extremeCfmGroupMepDbRowStatus The status of the row. All columns must have a valid value before a row can be activated.
extremeCfmGroupStatusDownUpAlarm extremeCfmGroupStatus A notification (DownUpAlarm) is sent to the management entity with the OID of the group that has detected the status change.