Displaying LDP LSP Forwarding Database

To display information about LDP LSPs, use the following command:
show mpls ldp lsp {prefix ipNetmask} {egress | ingress | transit} {detail}

This command displays the LDP LSPs established to, from, and through this switch. By default, ingress, egress, and transit LSPs are all displayed. By optionally specifying the LSP type, the output display is filtered to show only the type of LSPs specified.

When all LSP types are being displayed, LSPs that show only an advertised label represent egress LSPs from the network perspective or incoming LSPs from the switch perspective. LSPs that show only a received label represent ingress LSPs from the network perspective or outgoing LSPs from the switch perspective. LSPs that show both an incoming and an outgoing label represent transit LSPs. As Extreme switches are merge-capable, all LDP transit LSPs can also be used as ingress LSPs.

The significance of the VLAN information shown depends on the LSP type. For ingress and transit LSPs, the indicated VLAN is the MPLS interface used to reach the next hop peer. For egress LSPs, there is no associated MPLS next hop interface. When the prefix being advertised is associated with a local (direct) VLAN, that VLAN name is displayed. When the advertised prefix is associated with a static or an RIP route, the VLAN field is empty.

Advertised labels have switch-wide significance and are generally advertised out multiple interfaces.

* BD-10K.15 # show mpls ldp lsp
Prefix            Adv Label Peer Label Next Hop        VLAN      0x80402   --         --              loopback     0x80403   --         --              asheville    0x80404   --         --              boone     0x8040b   --         --              blowingrock    0x00015   0x80401    boone      0x00016   0x80403    boone     0x00018   0x80405    boone      0x0001c   0x00013    boone     0x0001d   0x00014    boone

Specifying the optional detail keyword displays each LSP in detail format.

Additionally, received packets and bytes are maintained for transit and egress (or incoming) LSPs. Specifying the keyword prefix and a matching ipNetmask restricts the display to a single entry.

*BD-X8.17 # show mpls ldp lsp prefix detail
FEC IP/Prefix:
Advertised Label: 0 (0)
Received Label  : 0x18 (24)
Next Hop IP     :
VLAN Name       : boone
Packets received  :        489
Bytes received    :      46944