Return-to-Normal SNMP Notifications

This feature implements two new SNMP notifications that indicate that an alert condition has “returned-to-normal”. The first notification addresses CPU utilization. Currently, ExtremeXOS allows you to monitor the CPU utilization and history for all of the processes running on the switch. When this function is enabled, a CPU threshold value is used to flag a process in the system that has exceeded the threshold. A SNMP notification is generated for processes exceeding that threshold. When a process‘ cpu utilization falls back below the configured threshold, this feature adds support to generated a new “return-to-normal” notification.

The second notification is a “return-to-normal” message that corresponds to a previously generated overheat notification. The overheat notification indicates that the on board temperature sensor has reported a overheat condition. When the on board temperature sensor reports the clearing of an overheat condition, the new “return-to-normal” notification is generated.