Optic Port Compatibility Check

For QSFP/QSFP28 (non-stacking) ports on all supported platforms, the show port information and show port information detail commands identify whether a port is properly configured for the required partition or speed, or if there is not appropriate licensing support. For example, these commands will indicate:

The “?” symbol is used to indicate an optic with a mismatched partition. If an optic is a third party unsupported optic, then the “!” unsupported indication will override the “?” mismatched partition indication.

If the switch does not have the proper license to operate at the optic's given speed, then the port cannot be partitioned for any corresponding port speeds. For example, if a 100G optic is inserted into an unlicensed port regardless of the operating mode, the CLI will display “?$” to indicate a mismatched partition and unlicensed port. In addition to these CLI display indications, a corresponding informational message will be logged to help determine the cause of the indications.

To show mismatched partitions, run the following commands:

show port {mgmt |port_list | tag tag} information {detail}

show ports {mgmt | port_list | tag tag} configuration {no-refresh | refresh}