The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
extremeTargetAddrExtTable extremeTargetAddrExtIgnoreMPModel The value of the snmpTargetParamsMPModel object in the snmpTargetParamsTable is ignored while determining the version of the trap/notification to be sent. When a trap-receiver is created through the RMON trapDestTable or from the CLI command 'configure snmp add trapreceiver ....', the value of this object is set to TRUE for the corresponding entry in this table.
extremeTargetAddrExtStandardMode When this object is set to TRUE, the management target is treated as a 'standard mode' one, in that any Extreme Networks specific extra varbindspresent in a standards-based trap/notification is not sent to this management target. Only the varbinds defined in the standard are sent.
extremeTargetAddrExtTrapDestIndex This object contains the value of the trapDestIndex in the corresponding entry of the RMON trapDestTable.
extremeTargetAddrExtUseEventComm This object is used only when sending RMON alarms as SNMPv3 traps. When it is set to TRUE and an RMON risingAlarm or fallingAlarm is being sent for an event, then the eventCommunity in the RMON event table is compared to the snmpTargetAddrName in the snmpTargetAddrTable. The alarm is sent to the target only when the two are the same. This behavior is exhibited only when the snmpTargetParamsMPModel corresponding to the target indicates an SNMPv3 trap. For SNMPv1/v2c traps, the community in the RMON trapDestTable is used for the comparison, which is the regular method, as per the standards. When this object is set to FALSE, then the RMON alarm (if being sent as an SNMPv3 trap) is sent without using the event community for any comparison.
extremeTargetAddrExtTrapSrcIp This object contains the source IP address from which traps have to be sent out. If this object is assigned an IP address that does not belong to the switch, an error is thrown.
extremeTargetAddrExtVrName This object contains the VR name through which the SNMP Traps are being sent out.
extremeUsm3DESPrivProtocol Supported from ExtremeXOS 12.3
extremeUsmAesCfb192Protocol Supported from ExtremeXOS 12.3
extremeUsmAesCfb256Protocol Supported from ExtremeXOS 12.3