Using the Trivial File Transfer Protocol

ExtremeXOS supports the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) based on RFC 1350.

TFTP is a method used to transfer files from one network device to another. The ExtremeXOS TFTP client is a command line application used to contact an external TFTP server on the network. For example, ExtremeXOS uses TFTP to download software image files, switch configuration files, and ACLs from a server on the network to the switch.

Up to eight active TFTP sessions can run on the switch concurrently.

We recommend using a TFTP server that supports blocksize negotiation (as described in RFC 2348, TFTP Blocksize Option), to enable faster file downloads and larger file downloads.



For better functionality, minimum block-size of 64 bytes is recommended.

For additional information about TFTP, see the following chapters: