Routing Traffic into Tunnels

When a VTEP is configured as a Layer 3 gateway, traffic from an access VLAN port destined for an endpoint (that is reachable through a VXLAN tunnel on a different subnet) is routed by the VTEP.

In Routing into a Tunnel, Layer 3 traffic is sourced from and is destined for The gateway for H2 to reach is VTEP A. When traffic ingresses VTEP A, it is routed, and since the neighbor entry for indicates that it is reachable through VTEP B, VTEP A encapsulates traffic with VNI “Red” and sends it over the tunnel to VTEP B. At VTEP B, traffic is decapsulated and is Layer 2 forwarded to H3.

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Routing into a Tunnel

Supported Platforms

Routing traffic into tunnels is supported on all ExtremeSwitching Universal switches.