Verifying the EAPS Configuration and Status

The command in the following example allows you to verify that the EAPS configuration is correct and that the EAPS state is Links-Up.

Both ring ports must be plugged in to see the Links-Up state.

* Edge-Switch#1:17 # show eaps e1-domain detail
Name: "e1-domain" (instance=0) Priority: High
State: Links-Up                Running: Yes
Enabled: Yes                   Mode: Transit
Primary port:   49            Port status: Up         Tag status: Tagged
Secondary port: 50            Port status: Up         Tag status: Tagged
Hello Timer interval: 1 sec  0  millisec
Fail Timer interval: 3 sec
Preforwarding Timer interval: 0 sec
Last valid EAPS update: From Master Id 00:04:96:10:51:50, at Sun Sep 5 23:20:10 2004
EAPS Domain has following Controller Vlan:
Vlan Name                    VID
"control-1"                  4000
EAPS Domain has following Protected Vlan(s):
Vlan Name                    VID
"purple-1"                   0001
Number of Protected Vlans: 1