Configuring an ACL-Based Traffic Group

ACL-based traffic groups are introduced in ACL-Based Traffic Groups. An ACL can implement multiple QoS features, so it is usually best to finalize the ACL after all other features have been configured.

To configure an ACL-based traffic group, do the following:

  1. Create an ACL policy file and add rules to the file using the following guidelines:
    1. Use ACL match conditions to identify the traffic for the traffic group.
    2. Use ACL action modifiers to apply QoS features such as ingress meter or traffic queue selection, egress QoS profile or traffic queue selection, and 802.1p priority replacement to the traffic group.
  2. Apply the ACL policy file to the ports where you want to define the traffic groups. You can apply the file to specific ports, all ports, or all ports in a VLAN.


ACLs are described in detail in the ACLs chapter.