Selective VLAN Mapping to VPLS

ExtremeXOS currently supports filtering a set of CVIDs received on a VMAN port by classifying the port as a CEP. Since a VPLS can already be configured to carry VMAN traffic, ExtremeXOS 15.4 release extends support for mapping a CEP to a VPLS.

VMAN is the VLAN stacking feature in EXOS. It has two types of ports: access and network. The access port can be both aware or unaware of VLAN. The customer edge port is the VLAN aware port of VMAN. The CEP allows several configurable options:

VMAN with CEP ports can work as a way to achieve some of the requirements. However, you cannot currently assign it to a VPLS.

When implemented, a VMAN with CNP, or CEP, or both can be assigned as a service to a VPLS. This feature does not add any other capability beyond associating a VMAN with CEP port to a VPLS. Existing VMAN features such as CVID translation and egress filtering do not change. The existing VPLS feature to include or exclude SVLAN also does not change.

Supported Platforms

VLAN mapping to VPLS is supported on the 5520 series switch from ExtremeXOS 31.6.


The Selective VLAN Mapping to VPLS feature has the following limitations:
  • You cannot assign multiple VMANs to a VPLS.
  • You cannot use SNMP and XML to assign a VMAN with CEP port to VPLS.